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CADAC J-Type 63 Module Console

CADAC J Series 64 Frame
CADAC J Series 64 Frame
CADAC J Series 64 Frame Master Frame
CADAC J Series Mono & Stereo Modules
CADAC J Series Parametric EQ & Filters
CADAC J Series 64 Frame.EQ & Communications Module
CADAC J Series Routing & Aux sends
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JUST IN. The most versatile console you will ever see. POA.

This Cadac J Series console will be configured with :

40 Mono Inputs
10 Dual Mono Inputs ( programmable )
6 Sub Group / Matrix modules
6 VCA Master modules
2 x 4 Aux master modules. 8 aux outputs ( expandable )
1 Communications Module with Oscillator
1  x  CCM MK2 and fader interface.
2 Blanks.

Cadac J Series consoles are built to a very high standard and if this console was purchased new it would cost well over £ 100,000, it is extremely well made using top quality components. The Cadac J Series is like no other console I know of in that you can chose the modules you need and then place them anywhere within the frame furthermore it be reconfigured at any time after purchase.

The J Series can be fitted with between 2 & 16  Group/Matrix modules. There are 3 types of inputs, mono, dual mono & stereo. There are 12 aux sends on the input modules however the number of aux buses you can use depends upon how many Aux masters you have fitted in your console.

Various clients have told me the the J Series EQ is the best they had ever heard. The mono inputs are fitted with 3 band parametric EQ plus variable High & Low pass filters while the Dual Mono and Stereo modules are fitted with 4 band parametric EQ plus variable High & Low pass filters.

Every EQ Band and each of the High & Low filters  can be individually switched into and out of circuit. I have never seen this valuable feature on any other console.

Most recording engineers and studio owners know of, or have experience with, Neve & SSL consoles, the advantage of a Cadac is that as they are not as well known within the recording industry therefore the prices are much lower.

 If you would like a users opinion visit the Cadac Desks page on Facebook and post a question.

If you would like a Cadac console but the 63 module is too large for you we have smaller frames available, please contact me for information. You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit us to try one. 

The J Series were designed primarily for use in theatres but they work very well in a studio using a DAW system. CADAC Nothing Sounds Better.