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CADAC J Series

Cadac J Series
Cadac J Series
Cadac J Series Master Section
Cadac J Series Smaller Frame
Cadac J Series VCA Master Faders
Cadac J Series. 3 band parametric EQ
Cadac J Series 4 Band Parametric EQ
Cadac J Series Channel inputs
Cadac J Series Coms & Osc Modules
Cadac J Series. Example of a 30 module desk
Cadac J Series Example of a 60 module desk
Cadac J Series Central Modules J44
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High Quality Consoles..Choice of Frame Sizes..Design Your Own. Prices Range From £7k - £15k

The Cadac J Series is a great sounding mixer as well as being the most versatile mixer on the market, it can be used as for summing and/or track laying. Great Mic pre-amps with masses of headroom designed by audio genius Barry Porter as were the channel Equalizers.

To indicate the level of professionalism in the design of these console, every input, output and insert ( send & return ) is balanced. Each of the 10 aux sends on the mono input channels can be switched on & off and pre or post fader. The Dual Mono channel goes even further, the 10 aux sends and the stereo aux buses 11&12 can be switched on & off, pre and post fader and pre & post EQ. Our dual mono inputs are programmable if the console is fitted with a CCM module*

We currently have frame sizes from 32 modules to 58 modules.

Prices range from £7,000 - £15,000.

With the J Series you can place any module into any slot, you can have up to a maximum of 16 Groups. 

DAW : If you need a console simply for tracking you can have one with fitted with all inputs and no groups, as each module has a direct output you can use a J Series as a front end to your DAW. If you need some basic summing add a 10 way AUX master module.

MASTERING : As above but add 2 Group/Matrix modules to give you a stereo mix bus.

TRACKING & SUMMING : Add 3 or more Group/Matrix Modules.

INPUTS : You have a choice of MONO modules with 3 band parametric EQ - DUAL MONO MODULES 2 mixed inputs with 4 band parametric EQ - STEREO Modules also with 4 band parametric EQ. All inputs are equipped with direct output sockets switchable pre or post fader. 

GROUP MATRIX MODULES : Group modules provide a mono group output; on each module there is an additional stereo Matrix output allowing the user to set up as many stereo bus outputs as there are groups on the console.  Therefore a console fitted with 8 sub group modules for instance can be used to provide 8 Mono Group outputs plus 8 Stereo Matrix outputs. 2 of the matrix outputs can be used to provide a stereo monitor output, most users use a monitor system such as the Mackie Big Knob to provide the monitor mix to a series of control room monitoring system. The remaining 6 stereo buses can be used to quickly set up 6 fold-back mixes. The  matrix buses get their signals from the groups.

NOTES : All channels, group & matrix signal paths are equipped with switched insert sends & returns using 1/4" sockets on each signal path, no stereo jack plugs here 
Channel direct outputs can be switched pre or post fader
Groups and Matrix signal paths have a switched signal insert with a level pot.
All input and output signals are metered bu a led meter alongside fader.


The new Aux Master PCB built by Chris Roberts, this new module allows the output of all 12 aux buses - full details >>HERE<<

Aux master modules, the J Series inputs can send to 10 mono aux buses plus 1 stereo bus
* CCM module, can be used to mute all Channels, Groups, Matrix's & Aux sends, it can also be used to store settings and control the programmable Dual  Mono modules, plus the channel fader VCA settings. This module is also required if using the Cadac automation system.
VCA Master Faders, allow groups of faders to be controlled and muted by a single fader. 

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