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Active Sub Woofer, sounds much better than the price would suggest £300

The Tannoy TS 2.10 is the ideal  Sub Woofer to accompany Yamaha NS 10's or any other near or mid field monitor, it enables you to hear the lower frequencies which cannot usually be heard on small monitors.

Added efficiency, as the Tannoy TS 2.10 is handling the lower frequencies your monitor speakers do not have to, this makes your speakers much more efficient. Plug your control room outputs into the Tannoy Subwoofer, the sub woofer has an internal crossover and directs the low frequencies, down to 21 Hz,  to the Sub Woofer's amplifiers, the higher mid and treble frequencies are directed to your studio monitors.

The Tannoy sub has a Max output level 300 watts.

 I used to be a big fan of the JBL SB 2 subs but have not seen them around for a long time. These Tannoys are certainly a good alternative.