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DYNAUDIO M1 2 way passive speakers
DYNAUDIO M1 2 way passive speakers
DYNAUDIO M1 2 way passive speakers
DYNAUDIO M1 2 way passive speakers REAR
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Studio speakers. Price £1,200 inc vat


Console top precision Two-way near-field. As the result of a long-term research project, analyzing the essential requirements of engineers working for long periods of time at high levels in front of a mixing console, the M1 is targeted first and foremost, at music mixing applications. CLICK HERE to read the full specs from Dynaudio

Dynaudio monitors have achieved a very good reputation over the past years within the studio industry, we particularly like the M series, they are fitted with soft dome drivers providing low distortion signal with an Esotec 28 mm soft dome  tweeter. The twin bass drivers provide a more even sound across the audio spectrum rather than a larger single bass driver which can often produce a speaker with lack of midrange.

The M1 speakers are passive and we have a wide range of compatible power amplifiers that we can supply with the speakers as a package. M1 speakers are near to mid field speakers and can be situated on or above the meter bridge.

For customers requiring a larger Main Monitors we also have a pair of Dynaudio M2s which are a 3 way system encompassing the soft dome mid fields and twin bass drivers