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ADAM P11 Active Monitors with Sub8

ADAM P11 + Sub 8 (1000x613)
ADAM P11 + Sub 8 Rear (1000x669)
ADAM P11 Rear (657x1000)
ADAM Sub 8 Remote (436x1000)
Sales price
High spec Full range monitoring system. Price £900

Impressive complete Adam Audio active system with remote control for the sub bass unit.

The P11 is a compact nearfield monitor. It is perfectly suited for small control rooms, recording vehicles and post-production suites

It features a two-way ported active system that uses a single ART tweeter, ensuring full compatibility with the latest expanded high frequency resolution media formats, and a conventional bass/midrange driver below the crossover frequency of 1.8 kHz. Each section uses an individual amp with continuous output of up to 100 Watts (RMS).

The Sub8 is a small yet powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any nearfield monitoring system down to 30Hz.

It houses a robust 8.5″ woofer with a 1.5″ voice coil driven by a 160W ICE power amplifier.

 This link will take you to the PIIA manual for a spec check

and this one to the Sub8