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Shure Audio Master mono Mic leve (1000x237)
Shure Master Rear (1000x289)
Sales price
Vintage Mono Mic Pre-Amp £125 inc vat PRICE REDUCED

Classic Shure mic pre from their original pro "Audio Master" range

This one is mounted in a 19" rack kit

AUDIO MASTER features:

-Five types of outputs

-600 ohms balanced line level

-High impedance, high level

-High impedance, microphone level

-Low impedance, microphone level, balanced

-Headphone jack for monitoring

-Inputs for two driving sources

-VU meter to monitor audio level

-Continuously variable high-pass and low-pass 6 dB per octave filters Bass and treble tone controls

Here's a link to the full spec sheet > SHURE AUDIO MASTER

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