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SENNHEISER MKH 8000 Mics in case
SENNHEISER MKH 8000 Mics in case
SENNHEISER MZX 8000 with 8040 Capsule 2 available
SENNHEISER MZX 8000 with MKH 8090 Omni capsule
SENNHEISER MZX 8000 with MKH 8050 Hypercardioid  capsule
SENNHEISER MZD 8000 Analogue to Digital converter
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Compact Modular RF Condenser Microphone.

Sennheiser MKH 8000 microphones are similar to Neumann MK184 microphones in that they are both high quality small capsule condenser microphones that can be used professionally. For what it is worth there is a comparison between the 2 models on You Tube, see below. Although the KM184 and MKH 8000 are similar the Sennheiser is more compact and much more versatile, the KM184 is fixed cardioid while the Sennheiser can be supplied with Omni, Cardioid and Hyper-Cardioid capsules plus optional MZF in line filters providing Pads + bass roll off also available capsule knuckles

Our current stock is all in as new condition and comprises :

4 x MZX Pre-Amp bodies £120 each
1 x MKH 8050 Hyper-cardioid capsule £600
1 x MKH 8090 Omni Capsule £500
2 x MZF 8000 in line filters, pads and bass roll off £200 each 
3 x Capsule knuckles £30 each
2 x Foam pop screens Free with first 2 mics sold


1 MZX compact mic body with cardioid or Hyper cardioid capsule plus filter module £920 ( less £100 for Omni and less £200 without filter net £620 ) 

As well as the capsules we also have available  1 MZD 8000 2 channel Analogue to digital converter £390 ( click here )


Sennheiser have taken advantage of new technology to produce a smaller, lower-cost modular version of their modern classic MKH range of microphones. Returning to Sennheiser's contribution, the reputation held by the MKH mics for clarity and precision is thanks largely to two innovative technologies: RF capsule biasing (1961) and symmetrical capsules (1985). The box elsewhere in this article explains these technologies, in case you are unfamiliar with them

Click here to read the full review 

On You Tube you can compare the Sennheiser MKH 8000 series with a Neumann KM184