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Prismsound Orpheus
Prismsound Orpheus
Prismsound Orpheus rear
Prismsound Orpheus with accessories
Prismsound Orpheus box
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Firewire AD/DA System £1,500

Excellent condition, both physically and electrically and comes with original packaging, manual and accessories.

Orpheus is a FireWire multi-track audio interface with 8 channels of analogue input and output as well as digital I/O and sync.

The first two channels of analogue input can be mic, line or instrument, the next two mic or line and the last four are line inputs.

Orpheus is ideal for music and sound recording, multitracking, overdubbing, stem-based mastering, analogue summing and critical listening applications.

For all the in-depth spec visit the Orpheus page on this link >>>PRISMSOUND ORPHEUS