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PIONEER D-07 DAT Recorder

Pioneer D-07 DAT front
Pioneer D-07 DAT front
Pioneer D-07 DAT rear
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1990's Top Of The Range Consumer DAT Recorder £45 SPARES / REPAIRS

The D-07 was Pioneer's top of the range consumer DAT recorder, released in 1992.
It featured 96kHz sampling (analog input only) and was used as the basis for Pioneer's professional DAT recorder the D-9601.

It features an 18-bit A/D converter and twin 256 x oversampling 1-bit D/A converters.
Vibration proof chassis.
60 character naming and TOC display.

Additional Features

Wide Range mode [96 kHz High Sampling) 
In addition to Standard Play (SP) and Long Play (LP) modes. Wide Range (WIDE) mode is newly incorporated to allow recording (analog input only) and playback of high frequencies above 40 kHz by operating the signal processor LSI, capstan motor and drum motor at twice the speeds in SP mode. The recording time of WIDE mode is halved, but a continuous wide range recording of 1 hour is still possible using a 120-minute tape.

110 volt version supplied with step down 240 volt transformer

This unit is in need of servicing as playback is faulty and it's being sold here as a spares item

Please note DAT tapes are a fragile digital media and as such we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur when using a pre-owned DAT machine.