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APHEX Compellor 300 AX

Aphex Compellor AX
Aphex Compellor AX
Aphex Compellor AX Rear view
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Automatic 2 Channel Compressor - Limiter £450

Aphex Compellor AX automatically evens out the varying levels in an audio system without making itself noticed. It may seem odd to have a processor you wouldn’t notice work- ing, but imagine being able to keep a wandering vocal track just right in the mix as if the talent were using perfect voice techniques. Imagine a TV show that always sounded just the right level even though scene changes were wide ranging. Now imagine these things without any background swells, pinched voices, or holes punched by a transient hitting the limiter. If you can, then you realize just a few things the Compellor can accomplish.

Like the Urei 1176 it is a compressor that you cannot hear working for much less than you would pay for the Urei


E&oe. MC5