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TL AUDIO 5021 MkII Ivory Series

TL AUDIO Ivory 5021 MkII
TL AUDIO Ivory 5021 MkII
TL AUDIO Ivory 5021 MkII
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Dual Valve Compressor £290

Excellent dual channel tube compressor with gate, in very nice condition

The T L Audio Ivory Series consists of a range of hybrid valve signal processors which utilise low noise solid state electronics in conjunction with classic valve circuitry.
The C5021 is a dual channel compressor and gate. All parameters of the compressor are variable, and a link facility enables the two channels to be operated in stereo mode. The VU meters may be used to display the output levels, or compressor stage gain reduction.
There are three input sources
a balanced line input via an XLR connector, plus an unbalanced line level input via a jack socket, and an instrument input,
also on an unbalanced jack socket but located on the front panel where it provides a convenient means of patching a guitar or keyboard directly into the processor.
The line level inputs have a nominal level switch adjacent to the sockets, to match the balanced and unbalanced inputs to a wide variety of sources, including the high level from some digital tape systems. The input stage is a hybrid valve circuit with gain controlled by a centre detented control, calibrated for 0dB nominal gain from the line input sources at the centre and providing up to +/- 20dB of gain variation. The instrument input is also controlled by the input gain
A gate is provided after the output control, and may be used to remove unwanted noise during pauses in the normal audio signal. A red LED illuminates when the gate is shut.
The output is via a balanced XLR socket at a nominal level of +4dBu, with an unbalanced output on a jack socket at a nominal level of -10dBu.