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BBE 802

BBE 802
BBE 802
BBE 802 rear
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Unique Dynamics Processor for Stage or Studio £150

Classic processor in good condition

BBE say...

The BBE 802 is an intelligent audio processor designed to solve a series of complex problems. It Is, however, very simple to set up and operate and once installed will function flawlessly without further attention.

It is a dual channel, rack-mountable device for use in -i-4dBu balanced line level applications, such as those found in recording studios, large concert systems and industrial audio applications. The BBE 802 takes up one EIA standard rack space of 19 inches width and 1.75 inches height (1U). There are two completely separate channels to allow for either full stereo program or two independent mono channels, such as separate processing for a snare drum tape track in channel A and a synthesized bass track in channel B.

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