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Audio & Design Vocal Stresser
Audio & Design Vocal Stresser
Compex Limiter module in the Vocal Stresser
EQ Module in the Vocal Stresser
EQ control pre Compex, after Compex or in the side chain
Audio & Design Vocal Stresser Rear
Audio & Design Vocal Stresser Top
Sales price
VOCAL STRESSER. 1970's Dynamics Unit £ 1,500 + vat

The Audio Designer F769X-R Vocal Stresser is a classic and was manufactured in the UK in the 1970's it comprises 2 separate sections, E900 4 band Equaliser and the F760X Compex Limiter.

I remember seeing Audio & Design advertisements in Studio Sound in the 19970's featuring Tony Visconti with a picture of him walking in the West End with a Vocal Stresser under his arm. The Vocal Stresser was the forerunner to the wide range of Voice channels available these days.

The E900 is a 4 band sweep EQ with a 3 position switches on each band, Dip - O (flat) - Peak, the E900 can be placed before or after the Compex Limiter or into the side chain of the Compressor. 

The F760X Compex Limiter is a Peak Limiter, Compressor, Expander combination. Audio & Design Compressor / Limiters were found in early Helios & Trident mixers. 

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