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APHEX 661 Expressor

APHEX 661 Expressor
APHEX 661 Expressor
APHEX 661 Expressor Rear
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Tube Compressor Expander With Easyrider Mode £275

The Aphex 661 is a 1U rackmount mono compressor expander with Tubessence

  • Tube based compressor limiter with Easyrider or manual mode
  • Compress dynamic levels without fear of reducing frequency response¬†
  • In manual mode, the unit provides the full complement of compressor adjustments such as ratio, attack and release for maximum flexibility
  • Sidechain access send/return connectors for creative processing, such as de-essing and ducking
  • High Frequency Expander (HFX) decompresses high frequencies, with user-adjustable ratio and corner frequency
  • Spectral Phase Refractor restores clarity and punch to tracks and allows bass frequencies to be more defined and have more apparent power

All in good condition as pictured

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