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AKAI ME35T Midi Trigger
AKAI ME35T Midi Trigger
AKAI ME35T Midi Trigger rear
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Converts Audio To Midi Trigger Signals £65

 Converts audio signal click pulses such as those generated by drum pads, drum machines and even microphones into midi trigger data.

Some of its features include:

• Eight audio input terminals and assignment of click-pulse audio signals sent through each of the inputs to any MIDI channel or note. It can play up to eight notes simultaneously.

• Velocity which can change dynamically in response to the level of the click-pulse audio signals received. You can set the type of change in this "dynamic velocity" by selecting one of the eight "response characteristic curves" representing the same number of characteristics. This offers you a wider range of artistic expression.

• LED displays which are used for monitoring the input level of the click-pulse audio signals to find out an overload level and a proper trigger point. These easy-to-watch LEDs will help your work greatly.

• MIDI IN terminal, which allows merging the MIDI data sent from outside with the MIDI data generated in it, and to send them to other MIDI instruments through its MIDI OUT terminal. It has also a MIDI THRU terminal.

• Easy editing of any parameter with eight parameter-call keys and the VALUE ADJUST UP/DOWN keys.