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TL AUDIO M-3 TubeTracker 8/2 Valve Mixer

TLA M3 ii (1000x817)
TLA M3  (1000x667)
TLA M3 psu (1000x275)
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Hybrid valve console. REDUCED TO £1,500

The M3 TubeTracker is an eight by two mixer from British tube specialist TL Audio that'll give you that retro tube sound in a compact, modern design. It is a Hybrid console which means it uses Valve to produce warm sounds plus solid state electronics for low noise and reliability. 

The M3 TubeTracker is finding its way in England as a mixer for digital studios to add warmth and character to recordings. The M3 TubeTracker shares many features with it's bigger brother, the TLA VTC console. These include: discrete tube mic preamps, direct outputs, four-band EQ with sweepable mids, two aux sends, stereo returns and a flexible master section with a tube-stage mix buss.

Just like the larger VTC, the new M3 TubeTracker also includes balanced internal busses, a high-quality rack-mountable external linear power supply and Sovtek ECC83/12AX7A tubes that run from a 200VDC stabilized supply.


" A small-format hybrid (valve and solid-state) console designed for tracking and analogue mixing in concert with a DAW. The sound character for which TL Audio is known is to the fore and the build quality is superb. The ultimate usability of the console is compromised by some thoughtless design decisions, but their significance will depend on personal preferences and workflows. "

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