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CADAC Aux Master PCB

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Designed by Chris Roberts 12 Output Aux Master £400

This is the new Aux Master PCB designed and built by Chris Roberts for the Cadac J Series

it now makes all 12 aux outputs available on 2 x D Sub connectors,  1-8 on one connector and 9–12 on the other.

Unlike the Cadac aux master there are no VU meters and no level control however when an aux bus is being used by 1 channel only, you can simply connect the output directly to the effect and adjust the output level from the channel itself.

When a number of channels are sent simultaneously to the same aux bus the aux output can be connected to either a Matrix Inject Point ( XLR ) or Sub Group Inject Point which will provide a meter and fader control.

Many J series desks only have 4 or 8 aux masters on the aux master module as standard, if you would like access to all 12 aux buses then why not take advantage of our new scheme and trade in your current module for the new aux PCB.

note: until this PCB was announced you had to have a Cadac 10 way aux master module plus an Osc module to gain access to the 12 aux buses, using the new PCB these 2 modules are no longer required.

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