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Tube Tech LCA 2A (1000x493)
Tube Tech LCA 2A Rear (1000x538)
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Dual Tube Compressor and Limiter £2,500

Classic tube processor in very nice condition.

The TUBE-TECH LCA 2A is a two channel unit with an independent compressor and limiter per channel.

The unit is all tubebased (except for the power supply and sidechain circuit). Input gaincontrol is placed before the input transformer. The VCA (1 dual triode) is placed between the input transformer and the outputstage (2 dual triodes). The audio signal is picked up after the VCA and fed to the sidechain circuit. The control signal from the compressor and from the limiter is combined and sent to the link switch and to the control amp, which feeds the VCA. The bidirectional link busses are accessible at two 1/4" stereo jack sockets on the rear panel. The channels can be linked together for stereo applications and also linked to other LCA 2A's via the two link busses and a standard stereo jack/jack cord. The compressor has six attack/release presets as well as manual control. The limiter attack/release is fixed. The LED display is fed from the control amp. The limiter LED is fed from the limiter buffer. The audio path is fully symmetrical from input to output. Input and output have fully floating transformers. All DC voltages are stabilized, except the anode voltage for the outputstage.

Read the full manual on this link > TUBE-TECH