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QUAD 520f

QUAD 520f Amplifier
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High Quality Stereo amplifier in good condition £300 RESERVED

OPTIONAL QUAD 520F stereo 100 - 150 watt amplifier

The Quad 520 is a high quality two channel 100 to 150 watt amplifier for 19 inch 2U rack mounting. Intended to drive loudspeaker loads the amplifier will deliver up to 100 watts into 8 ohm or 150 watts into 4 ohm with very low distortion.

This amplifier us suited to the Lockwood Tannoy academy speakers currently listed here and on

It has XLR Inputs and outputs can fit into a 19" 2U Rack
The Dimensions are : 48.5cm wide x 32cm deep x  9cm high

QUAD 520F Amplifier in good condition £300