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CHEVIN A2000 Power Amplifier
CHEVIN A2000 Power Amplifier
CHEVIN A2000 Power Amplifier rear
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High Quality Linear Amplifiers, 3 available. £400 Each

We have 3 of these superb amplifiers available, they will come supplied with the required Speakon speaker connectors, rated at 500 watts per side into 8 Ohms and 1000 watts per side into 4 Ohms, can drive into 2 Ohm loads to provide 1800 watts, can also be run in Mono Bridge Mode, see manual. 

Chevin Say :

The classic Chevin A-Series amplifier is built in a steel and aluminium housing incorporating lateral Mosfets and the legendary Chevin Power Supply, this combination produces the traditional Chevin sound.
· High efficiency power supply design
· Lightweight and compact
· Excellent sonic quality
· Comprehensive protection system independent for each channel
· Anti-surge AC ‘soft-start’ circuit with automatic mute on power up

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