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GHOST Acoustic Panels

Sales price
Used panels in good condition. From £75 each

We have very limited stocks of Ghost acoustic panels available at approximately half the price of new ones.

13 Ghost Big Block wall panels 124 cm x 62 cm complete with fittings £ 100 each ONLY 9 LEFT

2 Ghost Wedge Traps 62 cm x 62 cm with fittings £ 75 each ALL SOLD

7 Ghost Corner Traps. Acoustic Bass panels 62 cm x 62 cm with fittings £ 75 each ALL SOLD

3 Ghost half wall panels 62 cm x 62 cm with wall fittings £ 75 each. ALL SOLD

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 The ‘Big-Block’ is a larger version of the block, meant for wall mounting only. It’s rectangular shape means it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on the area that needs to be treated. In a basic room kit it is designed to be mounted horizontally on the rear wall behind the speakers, to absorb any unwanted reflections immediately in front of the listening position in your studio/programming room.

It is constructed with high density (100Kg per cubic metre) Glass Fibre and layers of Aluminium foil, and finished in a brushed Aluminium frame with fire retardant polyester fabric, and has similarly, and highly effective, full frequency absorption to the ‘Block’.

Test data from the Institute of Acoustics (at Tongji University, China’s leading authority on acoustic studies) shows highly effective (30-44%) removal of all audible frequencies down to 200Hz, and around 20% even down to 125 Hz with standard wall mounting. Many competitor brands do not publish % absorption figures, mask/confuse true figures with data that is not easily interpreted, or quote figures which are boosted by mounting units with air gaps which will ‘artificially enhance’ the performance of any acoustic tile or trap. As an off the shelf product, we believe Ghost Traps are the most effective, affordable product on the market today.

Click here to see a copy of the Institute of Acoustics Test report.

The ‘Big-Block’ uses Ghost’s proprietary ‘Easy Mount’ system for wall fixing. Each trap ships with a lightweight metal frame which screws into the wall. Traps can then be easily hung and removed (after initial installation), in just seconds! This allows the user to alter the room’s acoustic characteristics depending on the job in hand… so, if you need a more ‘live’ sound to your room for recording drums for example, you can quickly remove panels to customise the acoustics, and easily replace them for listening while mixing and mastering.