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RME ADI-648 Madi to Adat

RME Adat to Madi - Madi to Adat conversion
RME Adat to Madi - Madi to Adat conversion
RME Adat to Madi - Madi to Adat conversion
Sales price
MADI to ADAT, ADAT to MADI interface matrix £ 700 + vat

RME ADI-648 MADI to ADAT, ADAT to MADI interface matrix USB


This Multichannel Audio Digital Interface offers format conversion from MADI to ADAT and vice-versa. The ADI-648 thus combines the world's most successful multi-Channel interface with the professionals' exclusive high-end interface. MADI offers 64 channels of 24-Bit audio at up to 48 kHz sample rate, and 32 channels at up to 96 kHz. Transmission happens over a single line, either coaxial (BNC) or fiber optic (network). In both cases the cable length can be more than 100 meters.

The MADI channels are transferred from and to 8 ADAT optical inputs and 8 outputs via TOSLINK. Furthermore, the ADI-648 contains an easy-configurable 8-Channel 16x16 Matrix Router. Any of the outputs, which are divided into 8-Channel blocks, can be fed from any 8-Channel input block, both on the ADAT and the MADI side. With this, there is not only free routing within the M-A and the A-M conversion, but also splitting and routing within the same format. An 8-Channel input block can be routed to any number of output blocks in parallel. Using more than one unit, several MADI signals can be combined to one (merging).

1 x MADI I/O (optical and coaxial)
8 x ADAT I/O (optical)
1 x MIDI I/O
Word Clock I/O
RME Remote

Here are some application examples:

Managing long distances with a single cable
ADAT breakout box for devices with MADI interface
Connecting MADI-based equipment to RME's Hammerfall series
ADAT optical patchbay and router
MADI coaxial / optical or vice-versa converter and splitter
MADI redistributor, patchbay and router
MADI Merger

More information can be found on RME's website.