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Nord Rack 3 top 1
Nord Rack 3 top 1
S Dons 3-10-17 001
Nord Rack 3 rear
Sales price
Rack-Mounted Analogue Synth £595

Classic vintage analogue sounds from the powerful Rack 3

26 rotary encoders
4 regular knobs
45 buttons
Adjustable stereo unison feature
Stack up to 24 x 5 virtual voices
Advanced and dynamic arpeggios
Up to 4 arpeggiators working at once
Global vibrato acts equally on all voices
Polyphonic legato
Polyphonic glide (portamento) lets you glide whole chords
Chord memory
Stack up to 18 notes for super-fat sounds
Highest/lowest note priority
2 x 24 LFOs per voice with 6 waveforms; 12 destinations; plus attack, decay/release, and amount controls

 Read the full manual on this link > NORD RACK 3

Here's one in action on YouTube