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NEUMANN Solution-D

Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system
Neumann Solution-D system rear
Neumann Solution-D system D-01 Multi Pattern
Neumann Solution-D system D-01 Socket
Neumann Solution-D system D-01 Top
Neumann Solution-D system TLM 103D
Neumann Solution-D system. KM 184D Nextel
Neumann Solution-D system KM 184D Pair
Neumann Solution-D system KM 184 Silver
Sales price
Superb Digital Microphone System inc 6 condenser Mics VGC £4,750

The DMI8 easily integrates with most DAW’s via its optical o/p providing a clean noise free stream of all 8 lines. With sample rates from 44.1 to 192kHz you can be assured you are capturing the best for all your recordings. The resolution and sensitivity of this system is second to none you will truly hear detail in a totally new way.

A highly desirable Neumann digital microphone system, all microphones in excellent condition 

"With the Solution-D digital microphone system, Neumann has succeeded in bringing the dynamic range and signal fidelity of the best analogue studio microphones into the digital domain, thus making possible an entirely digital signal chain for audio production."

a six mic system comprising of:
1 x DMI-8 interface ( can accommodate up to 8 microphones )
1 x D-01 multi-pattern large diaphragm microphone
1 x TLM 103 D microphone
2 x KM184 D silver microphones
2 x KM184 D nextel grey microphones 

The system also comes with the software to enable the user to adjust the level and polarity of each microphone along with adjusting the settings of the compressors. 

DMi 8 Software 1.3 Hardware revision 001 
DO1 Software 5.14 Hardware revision 12.02 
TLM 103D Software 1.3 Hardware revision 1.01 
2 x KMD 184's Nextel Software 2.13 Hardware revision 1.03 
2 x KMD 184's Silver Software 2.13 Hardware revision 1.02 

Here's a link for full product specification >>> NEUMANN SOLUTION-D

and here's Wolfgang (president of Neumann International sales) at the 2010 NAB show with Sound On Sound to tell you all about them


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