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Audient ASP 8024 Factory REBUILT Library Picture
Sales price
Virtually New ASP 8024 £7,000 less than a new one

FACTORY REFURBISHED AUDIENT ASP 8024 24 channel (64 input) mixing console which comes with 6 months guarantee. It also comes with console stand and a new external power supply. Actually Factory Rebuilt is a more accurate description :

Facilities include :

24 mic/line inputs - Class-A mic pre-amp design
24 Monitor inputs 
3 stereo effects inputs 
TOTAL 64 inputs including 8 Group returns. 
24 Group outputs
24 channel direct outputs via insert sends
12 Aux buses 
Stereo Compressor on Mix Bus
Switchable Insert sends & insert returns on 48 inputs
2 Fold - back buses
4 band split-able parametric EQ , 

This console is chock full of features yet it is only 146 cm Long (4 feet 10 inches) x 106 cm deep (3 feet 6 inches)  

The main difference between this console and a new one is the £7,000 difference in price.

A new 24 channel ASP 8024 lists at £19,000 + vat - We are offering this console with 6 months guarantee for £12,000 +vat

Actually Rebuilt is a more accurate description - Audient have fitted this console with New electronic circuit boards, New Pots, New Switches and a Brand New Power Supply. Electronically this is a new console.

The console has also been fitted with new wooden end cheeks in the current livery and looks new. There is a Total 6 months guarantee, 3 months guarantee provided by Audient in the UK. plus a further 3 months guarantee provided by us

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