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EMT Echo Plate, side removed
EMT Echo Plate, side removed
EMT Echo Plates need specialised packing and handling
4 EMT Echo Plates Ex Olympic which we exported to the USA
Freelance Engineer Gwyn Mathias - just removed a driver prior to delivery
EMT 140 Echo Plate
Sales price
Just In Stereo Tube Version, good condition £2,450


EMT 140 Echo plates provide excellent reverberation, second to none, unlike more modern digital reverb systems the EMT 140 only provides one reverb sound which can be adjusted from a 1 second to 5 second decay time. Most units have manual reverb time adjustment - others are fitted with a motor to alter the decay time, this can be operated from the outside of the EMT box or remotely from the studio console. 

EMT 140's are large units over 2 metres long and over 1 metre high, prior to shipping the EMT drivers have to be removed and the tension reduced. They have to be housed in a silent room but despite the problems of transporting and siting them the quality of the sound makes it all worth while which is why they are still in demand. EMT 140's started manufacture in the 1950's, production continued to the 1970's. When the patent ran out in the 70's various companies tried to make their own versions of the EMT 140's but none came near to the original 

There are various versions, Mono or Stereo - Solid State or Tube  

Nothing sounds like an EMT echo plate, they are the ultimate analogue reverb unit.

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