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Eastlake Control room monitors
Sales price
Iconic monitors from the 1970's / 80's REDUCED to £1,500 the pair


Tom Hidley Designed Eastlake Control Room Monitors, from the man who designed many of the worlds most prestigious recording studios including Westlake Studios in West Holywood.   


This pair of 2 way speaker cabinets are each loaded with a pair of 15" (37.5 cm ) Pioneer bass drivers and a mid range compression driver plus the famous Eastlake wooden horn. All the drivers have been tested and the Bass drivers have been fitted with new suspensions by Wembley Loudspeakers Ltd.

Eastlake monitors were designed by American Tom Hidley and the company designed many top end studios in the UK and Europe, Eastlake rooms are famous all around the world.

This pair were originally soffit mounted but have since been loaded into a pair of Urei 815 cabinets, they could be taken out of the Urei boxes and be soffit mounted again if preferred.

They do not come with Amplifiers and Cross-over hence the very modest price.