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EAR 660

EAR 660 Valve Compressor
EAR 660 Valve Compressor
EAR 660 Valve Compressor Rear
Sales price
ESOTERIC Compressor Limiter £4,950

Often compared with a Fairchild compressor the EAR 660 valve limiter and compressor is amazing and the favourite of many engineers. Handcrafted by the legendary Tim De Paravicini, the EAR 660 is a stunning valve compressor, and a unique hand-wired design with matched valves and giant hand wound transformers. The sound is beautifully smooth yet clear as day. A true delight on any vocal chain. This unit was recently serviced by Tim De Paravicini.

At almost £5,000 for a used mono compressor this unit has to be taken very seriously 

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