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dbx Quantum

dbx Quantum
dbx Quantum
dbx Quantum. Rear
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Multiple Dynamics Unit £ 500

DBX's audio quality is legendary and this unit is a prime example. Even a decade later, there is no unit available that surpasses the Quantum when it comes to digital dynamics for recording and mastering. This unit is equally fantastic as a front end for a recording or instrument rig as well as stellar for the back end of a mastering chain.  The digital convertors are incredible and the list of features is really too long to summarize here. 

Sweetwater Say :

Essentially, what sets Quantum apart from other mastering processors is the fact that it offers a sampling rate of up to 96kHz and a true 48-bit digital signal path with up to 24-bit digital output. Start listing the Quantum’s features and that’s where you’ll really start to see what this baby is capable of. First of all, the unit offers 4-Band Stereo Gating, Compression and Limiting; 5-Band Parametric EQ with either an adaptive Q or a constant Q response; Hi and Low shelves with switchable slopes (3, 4.5, 6, 9, and 12 dB per octave); and a 5-Band Parametric Side Chain EQ with either an adaptive Q or a constant Q response. The EQ can be positioned pre-dynamics or post-dynamics. Quantum operates in Dual Mono or True Stereo with true RMS power summing and features the impressive dbx TYPE IV Conversion System with TSE (or Tape Saturation Emulation). The unit also features a Normalizer for flexible gain optimization, plus stereo adjust for increased control of stereo imaging. As you might expect, given Quantum’s feature set, you also get full sample rate conversion (with dither outputs to 8,16, 20, or 24 bits, and noise shaping) and sync input/output using dbx’s own proprietary clock chips for extremely low jitter sync. 

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