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AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb
AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb
AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb rear
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Legendary Digital Reverb, 2 x available @ £2,250 each PRICE REDUCED

We have 2 x vintage 80's units all in great condition and recently serviced by Simon Flinn

The RMX16 was the world's first ever full bandwidth digital reverb

A vintage classic, every pro studio had at least one and they are becoming more and more difficult to obtain as the years go by

They are still supported by AMS - Neve

Here's some spec from the original brochure

The RMX 16 is probably the most compact, highest quality digital reverberation system in the professional audio industry today.

The unit uses sophisticated 27 bit pipelined data processing and offers an 18kHz bandwidth and a 90dB dynamic range.

With its large display showing all adjustable parameters and alphanumeric programme description, the RMX 16 has been designed to achieve the sound the user wishes as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Once programmed, complex setups may be stored in any one of up to 99 easily accessible user memories - making the RMX 16 at home in the studio or in any live application.

The RMX 16 can be supplied with a complete set of current programmes which include simulations of mechanical plates, small rooms, concert halls and large halls with decay times up to infinity. The RMX 16 also contains several very high quality special effect programmes including the already well renowned nonlin and reverse, stereo echo, image and freeze.

Continuing improvements to the RMX 16 now mean that the numberof factory set programmes capable of being stored in one unit has recently been increased from 9 to accomodate the full suite of AMS programmes.


Input Impedance: 10k electronically balanced
Input Sensitivity: -10dBV: ref 0.775V
Input Connections: XLR 3-31
Output Impedance: 100R, compensating electronically balanced
Maximum Output: +20dBV
Output Connections: 2 off XLR 3-32
Distortion: Less than 0.03%, 1kHz full output
Dynamic Range: 90dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 18kHz-3dB/+0dB


Read the full manual on this link >>AMS RMX16<<

and here's one in action on YouTube


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