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Sales price
Digital 12 console : Surface and Mainframe £15,000 + vat

The AMS / Neve 12 fader MMC is the ultimate high power fully featured console designed to provide totally professional recording and mixing in combination with digital audio workstations.

Thoroughly tested and full history available. The system is comprised of:

• 1No. SPS 7U rack with 3No. XSP/F cards & 1No. Quad MADI card. 256 i/o;
• 1No. Encore 2 PC;
• 1No. MIOS 96 rack with 2No. 16 channel line input modules & 2No. 16 channel line output modules (total 32 i/o);
• 2No. AES960 AES rack;
• 1No. Remote 8 channel level control;
• 1No. 12 fader Logic MMC console with meter-bridge;
• 1No. power supply consisting of 2No. 1U rack units;
• Full set of interconnecting cables and analogue and digital looms to enable location of rack equipment in a machine room and connect to outboard equipment.

Features include:

Neve EQ and Compression
Full Channel Strip Control
Sophisticated Surround Monitoring
Comprehensive Talk-back Facilities
Powerful Machine Control
Workstation Control
The ultimate high quality Mix Buss
96kHz Operation
State of the art I/O
AMS Neve's fourth generation XSP DSP Engine
The MMC 12 fulfils the needs of the many mixers and editors who edit and mix in ProTools (or similar systems) yet need to complete the mix to the best possible professional standard. It is a fully professional mixing desk with all the facilities to form the dynamic heart of a world class studio.

Professional Channel Strip design:
Direct control on input and mix
Touch sensitive controls
Strip by strip routing buttons and display
Snapshots of fader layouts arranged in banks

24-bit/96kHz Operation:
500 signal paths available at 48kHz
250 signal paths at 96kHz in a single engine
Enormous processing flexibility
Each fader can be mono, stereo, 5.1, etc., no limitation

Encore 2 Automation:
Direct compatibility with the world famous DFC & 88R consoles
Huge depth of sophisticated and reliable features
Networkable - WorkFlow™ family member
Integrated Multi-machine Control System

Neve User Interface:
Control workstations from faders and knobs
ProTools, Nuendo and Pyramix compatible
Multiple workstations controlled from one console
Dynamic Automation of remote controls

Full Surround Mixing:
Powerful monitoring section
Multiple surround sources
Multiple surround destinations
Monitor insert points