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2 x Focusrite Liquid 4 channel Mic Pre's

Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre
Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre
Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre
Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre
Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre
Sales price
Quality Mic Pre-Amps using liquid emulation technology £ 1,000 + vat each

2 x Focusrite Liquid 4 Pre £1,000 + vat each


Immaculate condition.  Both boxed. This is a seriously featured quality 4 channel mic pre-amp with many emulations of classic vintage and modern mic pre-amps.The emulations don't stop at digital convolution: the internal electronics of this device feature different circuits and relays to re-create the input and output impedance of these classic designs. A very enthusiastic review of these units is available on the Sound on Sound magazine website. There is also a very good review of this and the liquid emulation technology at

Main Features:

4 Liquid Pre-amps - 40 classic emulations

Focusrite's proven Liquid technology delivers unmatched sonic pre-amp variety and quality

Remote control software via ethernet

Liquid 4CONTROL enables comprehensive stand-alone pre-amp control of multiple units, direct from your DAW

Pro Tools Remote control plug-in

A TDM/RTAS Liquid 4CONTROL plug-in provides remote control as an integrated part of your Pro Tools session

Full recall of every parameter

99 Unit setup memories provide instant back-up of all settings, including pre-amp selection and gain.

Adjustable harmonic distortion

Accounts for variance in vintage originals whilst providing additional variance over the sound of every pre-amp emulation.

AES and ADAT™ optical digital inputs and outputs are provided as standard to integrate with a variety of digital i/o setups.