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NEVE 542

Neve 542 12 into 2 Classic Mixer
Neve 542 12 into 2 Classic Mixer
Neve 542 12 into 2 Classic Mixer. Rear
Neve 542 12 into 2 Classic Mixer
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Broadcast quality, Classic mixer

This transportable console is similar to the one used to record much of Decca’s classical output during the 1980s & 90s. The console dates from around 1986.

It has 12 channels and a stereo buss. Mic/line (switchable) transformer balanced inputs, Gain, 3-band EQ (HF +/-15dB @ 10kHz, MID +/- 15dB @ 3k9, 1k8 & 820Hz (switchable), LF +/- 15dB @ 80Hz. plus Hi pass filter, 47/82/150Hz (switchable).


There are 2 x aux buses & pan. All EQ and pan knobs are detented. P&G Faders. Transformer balanced Direct Outputs on every channel, and also on the stereo buss.  

There are 4 further monitor returns plus Comms/talkback system and oscillator. 

There are Individual phantom power switches on the rear panel. Main Inputs & outputs on XLRs, busses & direct outputs on EDACs.

Ideal for recording in the control room as the power supply has no fans. 

This is a high quality mixer that can be used to record classical as well as popular music