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KS Digital Active Monitors

KS Digital Coax C5 - Tiny
KS Digital Coax C5 - Tiny
KS Digital Coax C5 - Tiny
KS Digital Coax C5 - Tiny Rear
KS Digital Coax C5 - Tiny. 5 available
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. Stupendous analogue speakers - As New Boxed , £350 each..

These amazing speakers sound incredible, not be confused in any way with Auratones from the 70's, they are active 2 way coaxial with separate amps and drivers for top and bottom providing a very big sound, highly recommended. They have never been installed or used in anger, we had to unbox them to take the photographs and try them, they sound excellent.


The manufacturers are KS Digital however they are completely analogue with a single analogue input via XLR socket. There are pre-sets for overall sound level and another for the top end tweeter and one for the 6" bass driver. There are 2 rear bass ports, each speaker is supplied with 2 foam inserts for the ports to give you some control over the bottom end.  

5 speakers available add a sub bass for a 5.1 system


  • Digital FIRTEC (TM) filter
  • Equipped with: 6" Kevlar woofer + 1" fabric dome in treble
  • Frequency range: 48 - 22000 Hz
  • Power: 175 W woofer and 80 W tweeter
  • Maximum level: 115 dB SPL peak / pair
  • Level control for overall volume, and for the high tweeter and low for the bass speaker
  • Input: Balanced XLR: +4 dBV
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 245 x 200 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Price per unit  £ 350 Each

Simaen does a very good demo for the KS Digital C5's.