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EMT 156 PDM Stereo Compressor
EMT 156 PDM Stereo Compressor
EMT 156 PDM Stereo Compressor. Rear
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Emt 156 pdm stereo mastering / mix compressor, limiter, expander

Extracted from MIX Magazine :The EMT-156 is at least 30 years old: The date code from its single Pulse-Width Modulator IC is 1972; the rest of the unit uses discrete transistors. (Who says time travel isn't possible?) Even though the EMT-156 is over-engineered to ensure a long, trouble-free life, it was also built with consideration for the service technician, as are the company's Reverb amplifiers. The card-cage chassis has slots for application-specific subassemblies — power supply, input amp, output amp, compressor-limiter, expander, Pulse-Width Modulator, etc. — which explains why the unit eats up the real-estate equivalent of its weight. The power and output transformers are massive.

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