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CALREC S2 Console
CALREC S2 Console
CALREC S2 Console Inputs
CALREC S2 Console, EQ
CALREC S2 4 Stereo Compressors
CALREC S2 Console Groups and monitors
CALREC S2 Console Master Modules
Sales price
36 Channel Console, inc 6 stereo compressors SOLD


Reduced to £6,500

36 channel high quality mixer: Suitable for recording or broadcast, the choice of the BBC, SKY TV and other TV Production companies.

This console is currently now available and being offered at a bargain price.

The 4 bucket frame contains :

30 Mic/Line modules

6 Stereo Line input modules

4 Stereo output Groups

2 Stereo buses with stereo compressors on the mix outputs

8 Aux buses 4 Mono & 2 Stereo

4 Stereo compressors, 2 x 3678 & 2 3678-2. Can be used on on any channels via a patchbay ( not included )

Phase meter and BBC type PPMs in the meter bridge

Penny & Giles faders throughout,input led meters next to faders

 It has 2 switchable inputs per input module


Like Neve and Cadacs, Calrecs are high quality consoles manufacture in the UK