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AA Beechpark Studio House & Studio

Beechpark Recording complex
Beechpark Recording complex
Rehearsal Studio / Studio 2
Beechpark Recording complex Control Room
Beechpark Recording complex. Guitar Room
Beechpark 60 channel Audient ASP 8024
Beechpark Recording complex
Beechpark Recording complex. Main Recording Area
Beechpark Recording Vocal Room
Beechpark Recording complex. Bathroom
Beechpark Recording complex. Barn
Beechpark Recording complex Bedroom 1
Beechpark Recording complex. Bedroom 2
Beechpark Recording complex. Bedroom 3
Beechpark Recording complex. Entrance Hall
Beechpark Recording complex. Front View
Beechpark Recording complex. Front car Park
Beechpark Recording complex. Front View of the house
Beechpark Recording complex. Kitchen
Beechpark Recording complex Kitchen
Beechpark Recording complex. Machine Room
Beechpark Recording complex. Studio Patio
Beechpark Recording complex. Studio rear
Sales price
Studio Complex in Dublin FOR SALE, with or without the equipment

The owner is prepared to offer the studio with or without the installed equipment, or part of it by negotiation.

Offers over 850,000 Euros are invited for the property, including all the acoustic treatment, soundproofing and studio hardware 


Currently being used as a commercial studio, this complex would also suit a professional artiste or working band as a base where they could write new material, rehearse and record, it also has office facilities and very nice accommodation  

The Residence is a Single Storey Red Brick Bungalow.  The property stands on circa.1 Acre of Landscaped Gardens.  This Tranquil Setting is ideally located 3km from the Picturesque Village of Rathcoole, perched on an Elevated Site in the Scenic Hills of County Dublin.  Only a short distance from the N7 & motorway network, circa. 25 mins to Dublin Airport & City Centre. And less than  1 hour by air from London to Dublin airport

The Main Studio consists of:

 A Large Control Room. Three Recording Areas. Machine Room & Store. Fitted Kitchen, Toilet & Wash Hand Basin plus a sheltered Patio Area.

The complex was designed by Roger D’Arcy of Recording Architecture, London.  The Control Room contains a 60 Channel Audient Mixing Console and an ATC SCM 300A Speaker System.  Wooden  Racks and comprehensive Patch Bay wrap around the Producer’s position.  A Temperature Controlled Machine Room houses computers and amplifiers. There is an extensive list of equipment that can be obtained by request

Beechpark’s Suite of Three Recording Rooms consist of a 16-Seater Live Room and Two Separate Isolation Areas.  The complex is build to World-Class Specification, ensuring Excellent Acoustics and Sound Isolation. There is good Vision for performers between all rooms, while ensuring sound isolation. Solid Oak Floors & A 30 tonne concrete ceiling for Outstanding Acoustic Properties. Private Patio area to the rear for artists to relax in a Sheltered Suntrap.

Rehearsal Room is a Separate Building that can also be used as a second studio.  It features a 7m x 15m  Live Room and  Kitchen with Double Doors opening to the driveway for Easy Load Access.  It incorporates  Air Conditioning,  Audio, Video and CAT5 connections to The Studio. A Unique Feature of this building is that it can be connected to The Main Studio for Large Recording Sessions or alternatively, can be utilized as a totally Self-Contained Building for use as a Rehearsal or Video Facility.

The Rehearsal and Studio areas have their own Bathrooms, Metered Power Supply and Heating Systems.

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Contact Don Larking for the full details but in the meantime - 




NB Priced in Euros


AUDIENT 8024 - 60 Channel Console 20,000
MIDAS Venice 320 with flight case 1600


NEVE 1084 in Vintage King rack x 2) 5000
API 3124+ four channel mic preamp 2300
Avalon VT-737sp Tube Channel Strip 1400
Earthworks 1024 4-Channel Mic Preamp 2400
Drawmer 1960 2-Channel Mic Pre / Compressor 750
Vintech Audio X73i Mic Pre EQ w/ PSU 1400
Vintech Audio X81 Mic Pre EQ 1800
AEA TRP stereo mic preamp 650
SSL 384 compressor 3000
UREI Universal Audio 1176LN 1800
Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier 3000
DAKING Compressor/Limiter 91579 with PSU (x 2) 1800
GML 8200 EQ with power supply GML 8355 3500
Drawmer DS201 Dual Gate 240
DBX 902 De-esser and APHEX Aural Exciter in DBX rack 600
Otari MTR 15 1/4" recorder & Dolby SR 4000
Philips ghettoblaster 300


ATC SCM300ASL Pro & P4 3-way mono-block amps. Come with custom built plynths 17000
Mackie SRM450 PA speakers (x 4) and stands (x 2) 1800
HEAR TECHNOLOGIES Hearback Monitoring System (with 8 Musician Mixers) 2000
Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors 500
DYNAUDIO DC 650 Amplifier 1000
BEHRINGER PowerPlay Pro XL - Headphone Amps (4 in rack) (x 2) 200
Canford Powered Diecast Loudspeaker 130


CHANDLER Limited TG-1 Limiter 3000
EMT 140 Rever Plates (x 2) 7000
Eventide H3000 SE Ultra-Harmonizer 1600
SPL Transient Designer, 4-channel 800
AMS dmx 15-80s classic digital delay 1500
SONY DPS R7 Reverb 220
Sony DPS M7 Delay 300


AKG C414 B-ULS (x 2) 1800
AKG C414TL ll (x 2) 1800
AKG SE C300 B (x 3) 360
CK91 Capsule for C300 (x 2) 390
CK98 shotgun capsule for C300 (x 2) 560
AKG D12E x 2 800
AKG Solidtube 400
AKG 535EB (x 3) 420
Audio Technica AT 835B Shotgun (x 2) 200
Audix i5 snare mic 80
Audix D6 kick mic 140
Beyerdynamic M101 150
CROWN PZM30 (x 2) 500
COLES 4050 Stereo Mic 1600
DPA 4006 (x 2) 2000
DPA 4060 Miniature mics with XLR adaptors (x 16) 5000
DPA 4099 Clip on Guitar 360
DPA 4088 Headset mic 450
NEUMANN U87ai wit EA87MT Shockmount 2000
NEUMANN KM 184 (x 2) with stand mounts 1100
NEUMANN KM 105 400
PEARL TL66 (x 2) 800
RODE Classic II 850
RODE NT 4 300
RODE NT 1A (x 2) 200
RODE NT 2A 200
ROYER R-122 x 2 2000
SENNHEISER e608 clip on mic (x 4) 320
SENNHEISER MD421 II (x 3) 960
SENNHEISER MD 441U (x 2) 900
SHURE SM 57 (x 4) 280
SHURE SM Beta 57a (x 2) 260
SHURE SM 58 (x 4) 490
SHURE Beta 58a (x 4) 480
SHURE 55SH 120
TELEFUNKEN M80 (x 2) 340
RADIAL 8ox Microphone splitter 800
Countryman Type 85 DI Box (x 3) 360
RADIAL JDI (x 2) 280
PALMER stereo passive DI 80
X Music DI (x 2) 60
SENNHEISER EH2200 Headphones x 7 245
SENNHEISER HD414 Headphones x 15 900
AKG K240 (x 6) 300
AKG K240 (55ohm) (x 8) 400
SONY headphones (x 2) 100


Internal studio wiring, patch panels, large quantity of mic leads, various other leads, inc bantams 6000


KORG 01R/W Rack Synthesizer 500
KORG M1R Music Work Station 300
ROLAND RD700SX Piano with flightcase 900
Roland XV2020 Midi synthesizer expansion Module 240
AKAI S3000 Sampler 250
SONY Magneto optical drive External SCSI RMO-S570 1.3GB (for Akai) 220
CD Rom (for Akai) 100
HEWLETT PACKARD 4mm data drive 80


PREMIER SIGNIA 5-piece drum set with custom 22" bass drum & full set of cymbals 1800
Epiphone violin bass with case 250
Fender Squire telecaster 350
Danelectro baritone guitar 350
Danelectro 12 string electric guitar 350
5 String Bass 150
Korg 19" Rack Tuner 70
Marshall 1974X, 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp 1200
Fender Hotrod Deluxe combo amp 600
Hartke 70 watt bass amp 250
Yamaha solid state amp 300
Pedals: Phase 90, Dyna comp, Tremolo, Blues driver, Wah, Distortion, DOD super chorus 500


8' x 4' Acoustic screens on wheels (x 3). 300
4' x 4' foldable 'Abbey Road' type acoustic screens (x 2) 300
NEC computer monitors (x 2) on adjustable stand. Wired to machine room. 300
MIC STANDS (lots, various sizes) 2000
Little Labs IBP Analogue phase alignment tool 250
RIMAGE 2000i CD DUPLICATING System including 480i printer& Dell PC 1000
Pro Tools 32 ch. Input Switcher for use with analog consoles & AD/DA with D-Sub 25 connectors 300