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Audio & Design F760X-RS

Audio & Design Stereo Compex Limiter
Audio & Design Stereo Compex Limiter
Audio & Design Stereo Compex Limiter Rear
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1970's COMPEX Compressor-Limiter-Expander 2 channel or Stereo (was £1,950) NOW £1,800

1970's Discrete Dynamics processor in very good condition fully serviced.  2 available. 

This is a versatile 2 channel unit that can be stereo linked. There are stereo input and output level controls plus separate level controls for each channel. The compressors have Attack, Release, Threshold & Ratio controls ; The Expanders have Attack,Release, Threshold & Range controls, each channel can individually can be switched into and out of circuit as can the Peak Limiters. The expanders can be switched between expander and gate. There is a Gain Reduction meter for each channel.


All in all a high quality unit that was used on many professional recordings in the 1970's & 1980's I have read that the Compex Limiter was used on the drums for Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks" I know that it was used by Tony Visconti as he used to appear in the A&D adverts carrying one of their units under his arm while walking through the West End however as Audio & Design Compex limiters were built into Trident, Helios and other makes of console in the 70's & 80's they would have been used on thousands of recordings in the UK and abroad 


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