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AMPEX ATR 102 - 1/2
AMPEX ATR 102 - 1/2
AMPEX ATR 102 - 1/2
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Stereo 1/2" Mastering machine SOLD .

This machine is in good mechanical & electronic condition and has been rebuilt and serviced by freelance engineer Chris Roberts, the heads have been re-lapped by Summertone, recording heads specialists.

The Ampex ATR is a great professional machine. Considered by many as the ultimate analogue stereo recorder. The innovative ultra quiet mechanical machine does not use a pinch roller which is one of the secrets of the extraordinary sonic performance of this recorder. The noise normally generated by traditional recorders is totally absent, this combined with an absolutely flat response makes it the best reel to reel ever made.

Great mastering machine, the best, it records very well but looks a little tatty.