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BSS 4 way Boxes
BSS 4 way Boxes
BSS 4 way Boxes
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4 channel Active DI Box in 1U rack. £150 inc vat PRICE REDUCED

A 1/4" instrument jack per channel with both parallel and buffered link outputs on 1/4" jacks to feed into backline amps.

A low impedance XLR output which is active buffered, transformer-balanced, floating and capable of driving 600 Ohm over long cable runs.

A selectable 8kHz low-pass filter; polarity-reverse and earth-lift on "XLR side".

3-way selectable input attenuation (0dB, 20dB, 40dB pad). An additional earth lift on the "jack side".

The earth lifts on each channel have LED indicators to show true status and avoid confusion. The unit has total ground isolation with no significant crosstalk between channels and a very low noise floor.
The unit is mains powered.

Vat not chargeable on exports outside of the EC or to EU customers who are registered for vat in their own country, excluding UK customers.