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Suzy Starlite & Simon Campbell of the "Starlite Campbell Band" recently took delivery of their new studio console at Supertone Records, a 56 frame Cadac J series.

and here are Simon's first impressions ...

"Suzy and I are full-time musicians with a studio currently based in Germany.  

We contacted Don of Larking's List a couple of years ago concerning the purchase of a semi-mobile console and he suggested a CADAC J series. We bought a 48 channel 56 frame from him and have not looked back.

The console is great and we found Don fantastic to work with, down to earth advice and technical support. 

The J series console was designed for theatre installation but works very well with a DAW in a recording situation. The mic amps sound very British and the console has a lot of headroom. EQ on the basic mono modules is three band with a LPF and sounds really smooth - cut and boost to your hearts content and it still sounds musical.

We have a number of dual input modules which features four band parametric plus HPL/LPF and also some stereo modules which are perfect for FX returns. The VCA master faders are another fabulous feature of the J series: we have six and they can be set to control any of groups of input faders. Our new album, ’The Language of Curiosity’, is being recorded and mixed on this console and we are totally delighted with the sound so far. Very punchy.


Suzy Starlite & Simon Campbell - Starlite Campbell Band - Supertone Records - Germany


Suzy Starlite in the Studio